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Event: MODU Race Track

Rev up your creativity at the MODU Race Track, a highlight of the winter holidays 2024 next to Illums Bolighus at Lyngby Storcenter. Our 200 m² racing arena, complete with twists and turns, welcomed kids of all ages to craft and compete with their unique MODU vehicles.

A Week of Family Fun

This winter holiday, a MODU Race Track transformed 200 m² of Lyngby Storcenter into a builder's paradise, inviting families to dive into creativity and competition. With MODU blocks at their disposal, children engineered their dream vehicles, navigating through MODU towers and textile obstacles in a staggering race. The event captivated the community, with ads throughout the mall drawing an overwhelming crowd, eager to participate and showcase their creations on the track.

Creativity Beyond the Track

Adjacent to the race excitement, the majestic MODU seaplane hung as a beacon of creativity, inviting onlookers to guess its block count in a special competition. Winners joined the ranks of the #moduverse, celebrating the joy of creation. The event wasn't just about racing; it was a vibrant celebration of imagination, family, and the endless possibilities of play, leaving a lasting impression of fun and innovation in the hearts of attendees.

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